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I don’t want to talk about why you should date someone who travels. Or why you shouldn’t date someone who travels.

I have a very real problem with these articles — who are you to tell me who I should or should not date?! Seriously, what’s the point of writing an article that puts someone on a pedestal (or crushes them beneath one) based on some arbitrary characteristic?

Instead, I pose this to you. Be someone who travels.

Who says you have to wait to find a significant other to introduce you to the joys and excitement of travel?

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You know those articles that explain what it’s like to be a traveler? The ones that get your adrenaline rushing and your heart bursting through your chest? Why can’t that be you? Why let someone else live the life that you’ve always dreamed of living?…

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Here Are 34 Relatively Simple Things That Will Make Your Home Extremely Awesome.

Hi, reader..

the article in this link is sooooo awesome, more awesome than the content actually for me.

this article show us how to use every spot, corner, room become more comfy, save space,  more space storage, more functional, and more awesome

please enjoy..

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penting untuk dibaca oleh seluruh pengguna jalan raya. 

Hello world.. I just wanna share what i read, and keep it for myself here.

thanks for reading.

this post is all about dining in Changi airport in Singapore

i just came from holiday in singapore last month

after read this post, i think i should spend all day or maybe just the changi when going holiday next time

the changi airport already looked like all in store in 1 region. exclusive place to shop

it’s all about culinary

prep your eyes and stomach before read the article


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