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There are situations where a spouse might be liable or where jointly owned assets can be seized by a lender.

Source: 5 Questions About Money You Need To Ask Your Significant Other Before Saying “I Do”


i just decided to take a class of violin.. i will be 27 years old in 2 weeks. too old to learn something new? i don’t think so. i was curious how the violin made the sound. can i make a good sound like the other violins in youtube did? after 1 meeting with my mentor, i think i can. with full self confidence, i say that i could make the beautiful sound with lot of practice. 

yesterday i just bought the violin, by cremona. oh, here’s the story. i sign up for the class last sunday, and pick thursday for the lesson. two nights ago, after 15 minutes practicing, i felt sore on my left armpit. amazing. hahahaa~~ *dont be sad, it’s the beginning* then, i bought the violin yesterday noon, and practiced what i got at the night before. 15 minutes, less than 30 minutes, i felt enjoy what i can do with the violin. avoiding the sore on my armpit like the night before, i ended the practicing. 

what i learn is we’re never too old to try something new. if you think you like it, you can do it. it’s about trying. if you never try, you’ll never know what sensation of the new things. just have fun, live your life. live like today is your last day. you dont have any guarantee that you could do it another time. there should be once of your lifetime. you’ll regret what you “say no” before. if you can say yes, just do it. 

ps: sorry for any wrong grammar. cant help it. my bad. and thanks a lot for reading this post. 

“the world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page.” by Saint Agustine Hermès

nice buckle i think.. unique.. (i’ve never seen like this before) but i don’t like the color.. i prefer brown+black or brown+orange.. Hermes

nice color and design, the Hermes keep the lock on some of their products.. I’m in love with the color recently.. not too girly like pink..

when i was a little kid, i usually see a lot of music box with ballerina inside.. “Dancing”.. with a certain song as background song.

and then, when i was in Switzerland a long time ago, i see the music box, without the ballerina.. automatic..

the thing was just like this

i’m trying to find new branded handbag

suddenly, i fall in love with gold color

ysl classic monogram sl clutch in gold metallic leather


YSL classic small monogram SL tassel satchel in gold textured metallic leather


carpe diem and carpe diem

Shanti Sudarmadi

Hari ini saya bangun pukul 5 pagi karena memang sudah berencana mengikuti misa minggu pagi pukul 06.30 di gereja St. Matius Bintaro. Jadi total jam tidur saya malam tadi hanya 3 jam saudara-saudara.

Entahlah, sejak mulai mengikuti pendidikan DIV awal januari lalu, jam biologis saya mendadak aneh. Berubah-ubah tidak teratur dan sekarang stabil dengan tidak bisa tidur di bawah jam 2 malam. Ini sangat tidak sehat, kawan!! Tapi apa daya, kecanduan kopi dan pola yang sudah melekat dengan hari-hari saya sekarang ini susah sekali untuk diubah (at least untuk saat ini). Bangun di malam hari dan tidur nyenyak di siang hari. 

Apakah ini sehat? Tentu saja tidak. Dan kalau ditanya ingin berubah atau tidak, untuk saat ini bagi saya belum, karena tuntutan perkuliahan saya mengharuskan saya untuk bertahan seperti ini sementara waktu. Kenapa? Karena saya orang yang agak sulit berkonsentrasi di waktu siang, dan bisa efektif dalam menghafal, menganalisa…

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I don’t want to talk about why you should date someone who travels. Or why you shouldn’t date someone who travels.

I have a very real problem with these articles — who are you to tell me who I should or should not date?! Seriously, what’s the point of writing an article that puts someone on a pedestal (or crushes them beneath one) based on some arbitrary characteristic?

Instead, I pose this to you. Be someone who travels.

Who says you have to wait to find a significant other to introduce you to the joys and excitement of travel?

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You know those articles that explain what it’s like to be a traveler? The ones that get your adrenaline rushing and your heart bursting through your chest? Why can’t that be you? Why let someone else live the life that you’ve always dreamed of living?…

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